Disappointing Movies I watched in 2016

download-3_65DCEU Films: Suicide Squad & Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice

urujzqyBatman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice: I was looking forward to this so much, FINALLY BATMAN AND SUPERMAN FINALLY IN A MOVIE TOGETHER!!!!…….BUT the fight was only 5 minutes. To move over to other things they need to do like setting up the Justice League and introduce other characters and more plot lines. Also stuff that some of the plot lines were almost spoiled in the trailers. They didn’t explain the conflict of ideologies between batman (darkness) and Superman (day time). They should have had scene dealing with Superman killing Zod and the film failed to explain or tackle Batman’s moral code in relation to his violence. There is a passing reference to a now deceased Robin in the batman and this should have been developed more with either flashbacks or discussion about Batman’s mean streak motives. The performances of Ben Affleck & Jeremy Irons are excellent together but not in this movie. Lex Luthor was the worst. And the 1st on-screen appearance of Wonder Woman was ok.


Suicide Squad: I was excited to see this film because of the characters and this concept (Suicide Squad), which is the baddest of the bad of the DC universe coming together to solve missions for the government and stopping bad guys without getting their heads blown off (see film for context). First of I will start with the biggest issue I have with this film. Supposedly the villain (the Joker). He didn’t have much screen time and it felt like he would be in it a lot more from the promotion. In the end his part felt like an after thought. This film is edited to death sloppily and does not run smoothly and is messy. Also it ended like every other super hero film today, with no conclusion and too much interest in the DC universe, they didn’t know what they wanted it to be. So disappointing but still enjoyable.


X-Men Apocalypse: I was excited by this because it is the ending of the first class trilogy. It was sad to say, rushed character development (for those we meet for the first time in this film), and the ending was dull.


WarCraft: I was excited about Warcraft thinking “finally we will see a really good video game film”. But it did not exceed those expectations it was a lot below expectations. First of all the characters were bland, the colour palette in the human world was dull and the ilm itself was not really that good. But I did enjoy it for it is.

London Has Fallen – I was excited by this because
A) it’s the sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen” and
B) it takes place in my place of birth, good ole London England.

I’m disappointed because it didn’t live up the expectations on the first film AND it treated all Londoners like idiots, it was dull and all over the place.


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