Worst Movies of 2016.

Worst Movies:maxresdefault
1 The 5th Wave


This movie sucksssssss.

BUT Chloë Grace Moretz did tried her best.
2 Nine Lives


This was a movie with Kevin Spacey as a talking cat. What a disaster.
3 Independent Day Resurgence


what a waste of a sequel without will smith.
4 The Boy Next Door theboynextdoor759

The film mean to be ON the Lifetime channel because this all movie looks cheap. And makes the subject of high school teachers have in sex with a younger students and turn a on it’s head.
5 The Divergent Series: Allegiant allg_international_final

6 The Secret Life Of Pets


It was a Toy Story ripoff but with pets.
7 London Has Fallen


First of all it’s directed poorly, Morgan Freeman looks bored and in horror and this film is like the ultimate act terrorism against Britain for being naff and showing us in a bad light (see previous blog about disappointments for more from me on this film).


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