80 Years of Batman Reviews of Batman the Brave and the Bold complete collection Review by Ryan Balkwill

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animated, Superhero & Comedy-drama

Developed by James Tucker,

Michael Jelenic

Based on: Batman

by Bill Finger and Bob Kane

Voiced by Diedrich Bader, Corey Burton, John DiMaggio, Will Friedle, Tom Kenny & James Arnold Taylor.

The Plot: The caped crusader teams up with several other DC Comics heroes for new adventures based on the comic book series `The Brave and the Bold’.

Pros: This show was a cartoony take on the DC Comics Universe and it was a fun show for 3 Seasons, this series 1-3 shown very memorable supported versions of these characters like Auqaman, Jamie Reyes / Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, Booster Gold, Shazam, this version of the joker, Doctor Fate, Firestorm & many more, & the show doesn’t take itself seriously.

Cons: I am sad that this show doesn’t get the credit it deserves for making this show set this show in a comic-bookie world & some story & character arcs were better than others.

The Casts:

Principal cast

Special guest cast

Additional voices


I recommend this show to everyone who is a DC Comic Fan.

Rating: 7 out of 10 Stars


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