Netflix Original Movie Presents Eurovision Song Contest: the Story of Fire Saga Review by Ryan Balkwill

Genre: Music, Musical, Comedy

Directed by David Dobkin

Produced by Will Ferrell, Jessica Elbaum, Chris Henchy

Written by Will Ferrell, Andrew Steele

Based on Eurovision Song Contest; by European Broadcasting Union

Starring: Will Ferrell & Rachel McAdams.

Music by Atli Örvarsson

Cinematography: Danny Cohen

Production company: Gary Sanchez Productions, EBU

Distributed by Netflix

The plot: Two small-town singers chase their pop star dreams at a global music competition, where scheming rivals, high stakes and onstage mishaps test their bond.

I was looking forward to this film even after it was announced.

This film was good.

Pros: The film was so good of capturing two people follow their dreams winning the Eurovision song contest, Will Ferrell & Rachel Mcadams do work very well together & their performances, hands up to graham Norton cameo was proper place in this film & all the musical performances quiet fun to turn your brain off to enjoy.       

Cons: Some of past Eurovision contestant’s appearances felt completely unnecessary the film, in a lot of the film they do skip through & I felt like a mss opportunity to post fun of the Eurovision song contest.     

The Casts:

  • Will Ferrell as Lars Erickssong, a middle-aged man with aspirations of winning the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Rachel McAdams as Sigrit Ericksdóttir, Lars’s bandmate and long-time best friend, who wishes for a romantic relationship with him
    • Molly Sandén sings all Sigrit Ericksdóttir’s songs, credited as My Marianne.
  • Dan Stevens as Alexander Lemtov, a flamboyant singer representing Russia
  • Mikael Persbrandt as Victor Karlosson, governor of the Central Bank of Iceland, who doesn’t want Iceland to win the contest
  • Pierce Brosnan as Erick Erickssong, Lars’s disapproving widowed father
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Neils Brongus, president of RÚV, Iceland’s national public service broadcaster
  • Melissanthi Mahut as Mita Xenakis, another contestant, representing Greece
  • Joi Johannsson as Jorn, a member of the Icelandic Eurovision committee
  • Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Arnar, a policeman who has a crush on Sigrit
  • Demi Lovato as Katiana Lindsdóttir, winner of Söngvakeppnin
  • Graham Norton as himself, a Eurovision commentator
  • Jamie Demetriou as Kevin Swain, head of Iceland’s creative team
  • Elina Alminas as Corin Vladvitch, the Eurovision host
  • Jon Kortajarena as Sasha More, the Eurovision host
  • Alfrun Rose as Anna, a member of the Icelandic Eurovision committee
  • Elin Petersdóttir as Helka, Sigrit’s mother
  • Christopher Jeffers as Johnny John John, a rapper representing Sweden
  • Rebecca Harrod as Brittny, one of the American tourists
  • Josh Zaré as Bill, one of the American tourists
  • Bobby Lockwood as Jeff, one of the American tourists
  • Eleanor Williams as Jenn, one of the American tourists
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Johans, one of Húsavík’s policemen
  • Natasia Demetriou as Nina, a crew member at the contest
  • William Lee Adams as himself, a Eurovision commentator.

Special appearance

Several former contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest made cameos in the film:

Other special appearances include:

I highly recommend  this film on Netflix.


Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars – Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes

Ryan Balkwill:

Resident film reviewer,

Level Best Art Cafe.


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